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Lama Namdrol Rinpoche:

The Importance and Power of the Funeral Relics of Shakyanmuni Buddha


Location: Unitarian Universalist Church, 10 Higby Rd, Utica, NY 13501


As a prelude to the visit of the Maitreya Loving Kindness Tour beginning October 16 at the Utica Unitarian Universalist Church, Lifelong Wellness Inc. is excited to announce that Lama Namdrol Rinpoche will be our guest speaker this month.  He will give teachings on the importance and power of the funeral relics of Shakyanmuni Buddha and other enlightened masters. Born in Singapore in 1974 to a Chinese Taoist family, Lama Namdrol Rinpoche is a “tulku”, the recognized reincarnation of a Buddhist master from Tibet.  Drawn to Buddhism at an early age, Lama Namdrol studied with teachers from the Thervada, Chinese Mahayana and Tibetan traditions.  For many years he trained not as a monk, but as a lay Tibetan Buddhist yogi at Kopan Monastery in Nepal, before founding his own temple, Thekchen Choling Singapore in 2001 and Thekchen Choling Syracuse in 2014.  A brilliant teacher fluent in English and Mandarin Chinese, Lama Namdrol is well known for his fresh, lively, down-to-earth style, as well as his practical wisdom and insightful humor.

To simplify our planning this week for the Tour and the Speaker, there will be no dinner this month.  The lecture begins at 7pm. Doors open at 6:30 pm.


  1. Annual Membership:  $20  for Individual -  $30 for Family

  2. Speaker Only this month:  $5 for all

  3. Coffee, Tea and Light Deserts served

    No reservations needed for this month.

Movie Night Date 7PM, In 1990, Conversations with God.  A man named Neale Donald Walsch experienced a car accident resulting in a broken neck, which propelled him into a downward spiral of job loss, poverty, and homelessness. Eventually, he began to ask existential questions that many people ask, "What is the meaning of life? Why am I here?"
In 1995, he heard a voice asking, "Have you had enough yet? Are you ready now?"  God had come calling to answer those questions--and many more. This question and answer format served as the basis for the Conversations with God series, as well as the books What God Wants and Home with God. Conversations with God the movie dramatizes events leading up to those mystical dictations, flashing back to Neale's struggles with finding a job--and even finding food in alleyway dumpsters.
Admission to the movie is free, donations to the church welcomed.

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                             August 11, 2015 Dinner at 6pm
   Location: Unitarian Universalist Church, 10 Higby Rd, Utica, NY 13501

                                      Reiki and Reiki Share

Reiki is a Japanese word for universal-life-force. Sessions direct energy into the body and presence of a person to promote healing of the body and spirit. It helps to liberate the Heart, brings clarity of the mind, and calmly energizes the whole being. Receiving Reiki is like being a sponge in a pool of vitality, and love. We have so many local practitioners, we invite you to join us in a Reiki Share so others may learn the benefit of this healing practice. Following a short talk, guests will be invited to participate in a Reiki experience. Please bring your table if you can.

Annual Membership: $20 for Individual - $30 for Family
Dinner: $15 for members and $19 nonmembers
Speaker only: $ members and $7 nonmembers
Menu: Shrimp tossed with basil pesto over penne pasta, garden salad and garlic bread

Dinner is catered by Jim Cox of the Chowder House of New York Mills

For Reservations: Call or text by 7pm Sunday August 9th at 507-0611 or email at lifelongwellnesscny@gmail.com with name, number attending, and phone number. No reservation needed for presentation. Because dinner is catered, we are required to pay for your reservation unless you call to cancel within 24 hrs in advance

Movie Night August 25, 2015 7PM, Sacred Journey of the Heart is a ground‐breaking film documenting the science and spirit of our connection. More than just a documentary of facts, this film contains step‐by‐step instructions on how to live fully in the heart. We are all connected – and that connection is the human heart. The heart is the single organ that not only creates a unified field among all people but also creates a harmonic field with the earth itself. Expert scientists and researchers present their knowledge which is converging with ancient wisdom traditions dating back millennia. Narrator Mary Morrissey shares her experiences with Nelson Mandela and many of her gems of wisdom that create opportunities in each moment, to live fully in the heart. These pearls of wisdom show us the transformative power of the heart to create a pathway of healing, forgiveness, connection and love. Admission Free
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